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Without professional dental care, a tooth afflicted with bacterial decay can become significantly distressed. In time, an infection could form in the root or a severe fracture could cause serious pain. In a situation like this, Dr. Federico Lago might be able to treat the tooth with a root canal.

In an extreme case where the tooth has been too badly damaged, he might not be able to treat it through endodontic means. This might require a total extraction of the root of the tooth before suturing your gums.

Once everything has healed and any infection concerns have passed, your dentist can restore the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental bridge. This is an artificial replica tooth that is fused to an open crown on each end. It will eventually be anchored onto abutments that are formed out of the healthy core of the two closest teeth.

To form the two abutments that will anchor the dental bridge, your dentist will use a drill to remove the tooth enamel layer from each of the neighboring teeth. This will leave behind two dentin pillars that enrobe the healthy cores of each tooth.

Our team will then create an impression of the two abutments and the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. A state-of-the-art dental lab technician will use this as a guide while making your new bridge. Temporary crowns will then be secured over each abutment to protect them while the dental lab technician does their work.

When the bridge is ready, we will call you to schedule a second appointment. Your dentist will then remove the temporary crowns and cement your new bridge into place.

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