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Your child’s primary teeth likely started to emerge from their gums around four to six months old. The average teething process often takes around two years before your son or daughter has their full complement of 20 primary teeth.

As they continue to grow and develop, your child’s oral structure will expand to allow sufficient space to accommodate their 32 adult teeth. This involves the gradual loss of their primary teeth to make room for one or more permanent tooth to emerge. This process is often completed by early to mid-adolescence.

Some primary teeth can take several days or even weeks to completely disassociate with the periodontal tissues in the dental socket. This is a natural part of the process of losing a tooth before it can be replaced.

Oftentimes, simple tongue play and gentle wiggling can help weaken the primary tooth’s connection to the gums. This can be especially helpful for removing primary molars and other large teeth.

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