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Did you know that every year children miss several hours of school as a result of developing cavities and having to visit the dentist for treatment? In fact, dental cavities are a very common disease faced by many children today that can cause discomfort and affect their ability to concentrate on schoolwork. By scheduling regular visits to the dentist for your child, you can prevent cavities from damaging their smile.

Our team at Zicherman, Lago, and Associates, PC highly recommends regular professional dental cleanings and exams for children because they are an important opportunity to remove plaque and tartar that could otherwise result in the development of tooth decay. We also provide a tooth polishing to help your child’s smile look its best.

Next, our dentist examines your child’s teeth for signs of tooth decay and other harmful dental problems. By treating these conditions in their earliest stages, we can reduce dental pain and prevent severe tooth damage that requires invasive treatment. During the examination, our dentist can also determine if your child needs dental sealants by examining the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Dental sealants are painted on the teeth to provide a durable barrier so that bacteria can’t invade the tooth enamel.

If needed, he may also recommend fluoride supplements such as fluoride toothpaste to help your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy in between dental visits.

To schedule your child’s next dental checkup in Peabody, Massachusetts, please feel free to contact Zicherman, Lago, and Associates, PC at 978.535.2500 today and arrange an appointment with Dr. Federico Lago and our team!