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Thinking of braces brings to mind an awkward teenage child that is afraid to show their mouth when talking or smiling. That is the common view that many people think of, but it’s actually not what should be the popular view because it’s not idea. Braces are actually most useful at earlier stages of life because of the oral development that takes place before a child gets older. In fact, it’s best to bring your children into Zicherman, Lago, and Associates, PC for an orthodontic exam by the time they turn 7.

Before or by this age, children have all of their primary teeth and most have started to lose them, showing that their secondary adult teeth have started to grow in. If there are problems with development, age 7 is the perfect time to begin watching for them and correcting them if they show up.

You would be surprised at the amount of developmental issues that can manifest around this age. Orthodontic examination and correction can ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw grow in healthy, ideal ways. If you choose to wait until the teenage years, there can be significantly more problems, as the jaws and teeth have become set in their ways and are very strong, making these issues harder to correct.

However, if you start to guide the growth of the jaw and permanent teeth around the age of 7, you can avoid costly treatment down the road and prevent the difficulties that could present themselves later. Your child will be much happier, and you can spare your teen from the embarrassing smile covering in the prime of their life.

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