Teenage Years are the Best Years for Removing Wisdom Teeth

What sounds like fun to you? A birthday party? Going to a theme park? Eating lunch with a friend? How about having teeth pulled? Wisdom teeth removal isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time, even less so when they’re in their elder years. When people grow older, their wisdom teeth roots grow longer and… Read more »

Potential Problems Thumb-Sucking Can Create

When a child sucks his or her thumb, it’s usually a sign they are distressed about something. Thumb sucking is a way for a baby to pacify her or himself, and if not stopped, can cause oral and social issues in the future, leading to more dentist visits. As a parent or caregiver, you hate… Read more »

Permanent Teeth Typically Replace Their Primary Counterparts Over the Course of Years

Your child’s primary teeth likely started to emerge from their gums around four to six months old. The average teething process often takes around two years before your son or daughter has their full complement of 20 primary teeth. As they continue to grow and develop, your child’s oral structure will expand to allow sufficient… Read more »

What to Expect at a Child’s Frist Dental Visit

You may be asking, “When is the best time to have a child’s first visit to the dentist?” A child’s first dental visit can bring with it trepidation and fear. To help our young patients feel comfortable and at ease with us, we have a Fist Visit that includes some things that will make for… Read more »

A Failing Dental Filling Needs to Be Examined by a Professionally Trained Dentist

Dental fillings sometimes have a finite lifespan. While they are intended to repair a tooth for many years, poor oral hygiene practices, and other bad oral habits can gradually start to weaken the bond between the dental filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel. A failing dental filling might become increasingly sensitive. This might also… Read more »

A Few Notes Pertaining to Gum Disease Symptoms

Are you a victim of gum disease? Gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, is a frequent oral health ailment that arises due to an infection of your gums. Although gum disease is common, it is often extremely difficult to treat and even detect. Gum disease is a progressive disease, so it may be… Read more »

A Dental Implant Supported Bridge Can Replace Multiple Teeth Lost to Severe Tooth Decay

Poor oral hygiene practices can contribute to the development of cavities on multiple teeth. Without professional treatment, the tooth decay can gradually spread deeper and deeper into the teeth. This could lead to severe dental fractures, dental abscesses, and the possible loss of multiple teeth in one specific part of your mouth. In some of… Read more »

Keeping Your Dentures is Good Shape

Your dentures are made of strong material. Nevertheless, they are not indestructible. You do need to take care of them if you want them to last. You should clean your dentures at least once a day. When you do clean them, do so over a sink full of water, or a towel. That way, if… Read more »

Use These Oral Hygiene Tools for a Top-Notch Fall Smile

Oral hygiene is vital for a strong oral health and a top-notch fall smile. However, there is a catch: You need to have the best oral hygiene tools to have the best oral hygiene routine. So, our dentist, Dr. , would like to help you make sure you’re using the best oral hygiene tools for… Read more »

Defeating Dental Erosion

The outermost layer of your teeth is made up of a hard substance made from carbonated crystals! It’s called tooth enamel. However, as durable as it may be, it can certainly be damaged. Harmful acids and plaque can slowly eat away at your enamel, resulting in tooth decay and dental damage. This is called dental… Read more »