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Most cavities start out small. As the natural bacteria in your mouth continue to exploit the compromised tooth the tooth decay can become severe. If you procrastinate treatment at Zicherman, Lago, and Associates, PC, the tooth could severely fracture, or an infection could compromise the root of the tooth.

When this happens, Dr. Federico Lago may be able to treat the tooth with endodontic therapy. This could restore sufficient dental structure to secure a dental crown. In an extreme case, Dr. Federico Lago might recommend the extraction of all remnants of the tooth to prevent further infection. This is more likely if a dangerous abscess has formed in your gums.

Once all the tissues have healed and any infection concerns have passed, Dr. Federico Lago can replace the missing tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental bridge.

This is a solid piece of dental work that consists of a replacement tooth fused on each side to dental crowns. It is mounted onto abutments formed from the healthy dentin and internal structures of the two closest neighboring teeth.

Once Dr. Federico Lago cements the bridge in place, it will restore the tooth’s presence and function in your mouth for several years.

If you live in Peabody, Massachusetts, and you have a tooth suffering from a severe cavity, you should not delay in calling 978.535.2500 to have it treated at Zicherman, Lago, and Associates, PC.